Mono-Frenzy Syndrome

Posted by John Rentoul

  • Monday, 18 May 2009 at 12:57 pm
Alastair Campbell, terrific blogger and right about nearly everything, asks a question today, the day on which I received my Government leaflet on swine ’flu.
Is it not strange how, with more media space than ever, the press and broadcasters appear unable to manage more than one frenzy at a time?
What happened to the modern plague that was going to wipe us out – until MPs’ expenses wiped it out of the headlines?

Where did it go? Are we still at risk or not? Apparently there were 14 new cases reported in Britain yesterday, yet where was the ‘whoosh’ breaking news banner to indicate that this was really important?

Surely part of the answer, in addition to Mono-Frenzy Syndrome, is that we have realised that swine ’flu isn’t actually very dangerous?


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